LOT 285A Spyglass Way, White Point, NS - Queens County

Property ID: 70185541

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Districts > MLS District DIQUE (Queens County) Subdistrict E3 > Spyglass Way LOT 285A Spyglass Way, White Point

Property Information

  • PID 70185541
  • 2020 Assessment $60,000
  • Lot Size 10,400 sqft

Property Registry Sales History

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MLS® District DIQUE

(Queens County)

Subdistrict E3

  • Avg Sale Price $130,842
  • Avg Assessment $186,619
  • Avg Days of Market 168

Neighbourhood Real Estate Values

MLS® Area Avg Assessment Difference
District DIQUE $102,488 -41%
Subdistrict E3 $186,619 -68%