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Something not right?

Is there an issue with your listing, property or a historical listing on your property?

  • Listing not showing on the map
  • Listing not accurately mapped
  • Incorrect listing information
  • Incorrect property information (ie. lot size, assessment, tax info)
  • Photos missing or incorrectly ordered

ViewPoint receives and integrates listing and property data from multiple sources including the MLS®, the provincial land registration system, municipalities and the assessment authority. Our automated system maps and displays 11,000+ listings and 650,000+ properties subject to a complex set of policies and business rules.

For a variety of reasons a listing or property may not be displayed or displayed properly. If you have an issue with how your listing appears on our website, ViewPoint now offers diagnostic and remedial services for a cost of $90 plus HST. If the issue cannot be resolved, we will refund you the full amount.

You can reach us here or by calling (902) 482-3100. Please have a PID, MLS® number and address ready.