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Accessing ownership information

Here are your options for accessing the names and mailing address of registered owners in Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia operates a transparent property registration system where the provincial government guarantees title to the land parcel. For the protection of rights holders, such as lenders and buyers, interests in land, such as mortgages and liens are also recorded. Most provinces operate under this transparent regime.

On balance, the benefits of transparency outweigh the risks and nuisances. Transparency helps prevent fraud, increases consumer confidence, streamlines trade and avoids allegations of favoritism and corruption in property assessments. Transparency protects buyers, sellers and the bureaucracy equally.

Legislation respecting property ownership

Under the Land Registration Act and regulations, the names of the registered owner(s) must be recorded on a publicly accessible register. While the statute mandates that the register be open to inspection by the public, it does not specify that the register be readily available at no cost.