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Secondary Home Insurance

If you've purchased your second home, we also have you covered. Our team is here to provide you a quote for the coverage you are looking for. You can speed up the process by filling out our online form.

We are pleased to provide discounted rates on secondary homes. If you are insuring multiple properties in Nova Scotia, your coverage will afford you the same protection as you would get for your primary home.

To get more information about secondary home insurance, call toll-free 1-855-887-7477

Vacant Property Insurance

If you have a property that is currently sitting vacant, you may not know that many home insurance policies only cover vacant properties for 30 days. We can find a vacant homeowner's policy for you whether it's for three months, six months or 12 months.

To get more information about vacant home insurance, call toll-free 1-855-887-7477

Cottage/Seasonal Insurance

For those looking for a seasonal home in Nova Scotia, we provide packages that are comparable to homeowner's policies. Whether you live here or are looking for property here, we have coverage options to meet your needs.

To get more information about cottage/seasonal insurance, call toll-free 1-855-887-7477

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