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ViewPoint Help: Map

How can I see new listings since yesterday or two days ago?

When looking at your list view, click the SINCE button at the top of your list and you can view all the listings that have had a price change, or a status change to For Sale, Pending, or Sold for up to the last 72 hours.

How can I only show the new listings that are in view?

On the top of the list of listings, click on the FILTER icon and then select In View. The list will be updated with only those new listings that are located in your current map view whenever you move your map!

How can I change the location where I start at on the map?

When you are logged in, your map will start at the last place you were looking at. If you haven't been back in a while, then it will start at your Home Location. You can change your home location by clicking the button on the bottom right of the map to save your current map view as your home location. If at any time when you are browsing the map you want to return to your home location, simply click the button right above it.

If you are on a mobile device, tap the menu icon on the top left and tap Save As Home in the Map Section. If you want to quickly go back to your home location, tap the Go To Home button.

How can I move my map to the location of property in the list?

When looking at a property or listing in the list view, click the marker icon to move your map to the location of that property.

If there is no marker icon, it means that ViewPoint isn't able to determine the location of that listing and we can't show you where it is on the map. You can still click on the listing to view it's cutsheet, however.

How do I search?

Click the NEW SEARCH button on the left of the map. You can move your map to the area you want to search, or you can draw a search area in case you're looking only in a specific neighbourhood. Then set your search parameters and click Search.

If you are on a mobile device, tap the search button on the top right of your screen and tap Advanced. Move your map to the area you want to search, tap the button, then set your search parameters and tap Search.

How do I save a search?

If your list view is open displaying your search results, click the SAVE button on top of your list view. If you've closed your list view, click the button on the bottom left of the map.

Saved searches are a great way to get notified instantly, by e-mail, of new listings for sale, price changes, or sold listings in a specific geographic area.

How can I measure distances on the map?

Use our handy MEASURE TOOL. Click on the button on the top right of your map, then follow the instructions to start measuring distances.

Sorry, this feature is not available on mobile devices!

What do the colours on the map mean?

A red colour on a property means that there was a listing sold on that property sometime within the last 12 months. A blue colour indicates there is a currently active listing (For Sale, or Pending) on that property.

How can you publish sales history on your website?

We understand your concerns related to the disclosure of property and listing information on Users occasionally express such concerns including requests to remove information from our website. Our policy is not to delete or suppress any information that we lawfully make available to our users as removing information would diminish the integrity and value of our site in the eyes of our users.  ViewPoint Realty is in the business of serving real estate consumers by giving them convenient access to comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information that enables them to make well-informed real estate decisions with confidence. ViewPoint has been operating lawfully since January 2010 and our website has been visited over 100 million times by real estate consumers who have viewed more than 800 million pages of property and listing information.

All information which ViewPoint makes available, to the general public or its registered customers, is either public information or MLS® listing information where consent is not required for disclosure or such consent has been granted through contract. In the case of MLS® information, ViewPoint is a member of the Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® and as a member we have access to the MLS® system of the Association including the right to use and share the information contained in the MLS system in the course of our provision of real estate brokerage services. Our disclosure of MLS® information, including prior sale prices and photos of currently or historically listed properties is permissible in accordance with the terms of a listing contract between the seller and the brokerage member of the real estate board which maintains the MLS® system.  If any of the information which originated from the MLS® system is not accurate, only the brokerage that entered the information can amend or correct it. Specifically related to the disclosure of sold price information sourced from the Province of Nova Scotia land registry, see the text of Bill 73 here which explicitly permits the Minister to make the information available publicly.  Nova Scotia, like all other provinces in Canada, discloses property sale information to enable property owners to evaluate fairness and uniformity in the assessment of real property.  The key determinant to assessed market value of real property is sale prices.

ViewPoint has never been sanctioned, fined or instructed to remove any information or modify its operations by any authorities upholding privacy statutes at any level of government.  We respect all applicable laws, regulations and policies and the authorities who uphold them.  Since launching the website in 2010 we have been the subject of a very small number of informal and formal complaints related to the display of property or listing information, all of which were resolved, unfounded, or abandoned after the complainants, their counsel and/or the authorities completed their due diligence.  For example, in a letter from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (File: PIPEDA-030030) dated November 28, 2013, addressed to ViewPoint Realty, the Office advised that a complaint related to the display of property and listing information was, "...considered settled during the course of the investigation" and "The complaint file has been closed and no further action will be taken".  For clarity, ViewPoint was not instructed to, nor did we, remove any information as a result of the complaint.

Finally, if the objective of your request is to prevent people from accessing property or listing information related to your property, ViewPoint removing the information from our website would not achieve that objective.  All of the subjectinformation, be it assessment values, prior sales information or listing photos, would continue to be available lawfully from a variety of government and private sector websites.