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What is

ViewPoint is a real estate brokerage and technology company combined. It is the comprehensive source of information on Nova Scotia properties and listings. ViewPoint improves the way properties are bought and sold by providing consumers and professionals with easy access to useful information and tools.

Where does the name ViewPoint come from?

As you may have seen from looking at our map, we have licensed, brought together and made easily available a wide range of relevant and useful information, imagery and tools.Most of this information is not proprietary and is available as piece-parts from other sites and sources; however, for the first time it is integrated and easily accessible from one convenient viewpoint.

How do I use ViewPoint to find a property?

Using intelligent software, we've overlaid Google Maps with detailed information on every single property in HRM, including assessment values, property lines and MLS® information.

How long has ViewPoint been around?

We started developing the software and getting access to data in 2009. We introduced the site in January 2010.

What areas does ViewPoint currently serve?

Currently, ViewPoint operates in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Is there another service like yours in other parts of Canada?

Not that we are aware of.