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Christina Murray & Lisa Jarvis

My partner and I recently bought our first house with the help of viewpoint.ca. The website (and especially its new mobile version!) made our search easy, informed, and fun! When we found "the one," we felt confident that we had all the essential information to make an informed purchase.

As fantastic as the website is, what truly made our home-buying process smooth, comfortable, and successful was your agent, Doug Hubley. His knowledge of the industry was extensive, he was tirelessly available for our questions and needs, and he was incredibly personable and reassuring. We cannot speak highly enough of him.

Thank you, ViewPoint.ca. We are in love with our new home and deeply grateful for your help.

Benita Dechert

Kudos! I love this site and all the information available regarding properties for sale that I am able access. It is very helpful in making an assessment of the property and it's value to me as a buyer. I have been looking at Nova Scotia properties for months. When I am ready to consider a purchase, I will contact your company to help me make the purchase. Thank you so much for making this effort and for being a forward thinking company.

PS Found your sight on Garth Turner's blog Greater Fool.

Krista and Clifford
Halifax, NS

We had an awesome experience with ViewPoint Realty. The website is amazing. It is possible to see up to an 10 year history of the home; how many times it’s been for sale, how long, if there were any accepted offers that fell through etc. The site gives buyers a lot of information that wasn't available before and definitely helps when submitting an offer. It's really easy to use, allows you to search for properties using the MLS number as well as the address. It also has a new today tab that shows homes that newly went up for sale, had a price change or sold and what they sold for. You can click to follow up to 30 properties and get an email when the status changes, i.e. if there's an accepted offer, a price change or it sells.

We happened to be looking at the site and found a home we would like to look at. We didn't have a REALTOR® at the time, so we called the REALTOR® whose face showed up on our computer screen, Doug Hubley, who works for ViewPoint. We didn't end up liking the property but we found our REALTOR®. In addition to being a really nice guy, he was very knowledgeable and actually listened to what we wanted. Doug always made himself available when we needed him and was always there to answer our questions.

We liked him so much we decided to sell our home with him as well. That was one of the best decisions we ever made. He came out to our home and gave us some suggestions on what we could do to sell. We followed his tips and when we were ready the ViewPoint photographer came out and took high definition pictures of our home, and they turned out great. Our pictures on the ViewPoint website were much bigger and looked much better than those not listed by ViewPoint. Doug called us to let us know that our house had been listed on a Tuesday at approximately 5 pm and would be going on MLS® the next morning.

At 7 pm that same evening I was sitting in a chair looking out my living room window wondering why there was a car parked across the street with people looking at our house. We realized that they must have seen our listing on ViewPoint already. The next day the same people came to view our house and offered us our asking price at that time, which we accepted of course. All before a for sale sign had even made it to the lawn. Our listing had been on ViewPoint for a little over 24 hours.

At the same time, we had submitted and offer on a home we liked. The home inspection showed lots of problems we didn't know about and we ended up withdrawing our offer. Doug was there for us the whole time looking out for our best interests and fighting for us to get the best deal. After that home fell through, we looked at many others and finally found what we were looking for. Doug made the whole process easy and took care of any problems we had right away, even when he was out of town.

We were really happy with the service we received from ViewPoint. When it's time to sell this home we will not hesitate to use ViewPoint and Doug again. As an added bonus, we get a lifetime membership to the ViewPoint website because we bought and sold through them. Even now we are on it everyday looking at the properties for sale even though we're years away from selling ours and buying another one. We 100 percent recommend ViewPoint Realty and Doug Hubley to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

Susan & Michael Fitzgerald

We would like to thank the people at ViewPoint for the service they provide. Looking for a new home was easy using ViewPoint, with features allowing us to see the interior and even take a "walk" down the street using the StreetView feature. We listed our home with ViewPoint and sold in two weeks due to the exposure we received on the ViewPoint website!

Diana Kleszczynski

I regularly peruse the real estate listings to see what's available, even if I'm not looking for anything in particular. I have a specific boundary of the province that I'm interested in, and the map feature of ViewPoint allows me to target the exact area I want, to see the property shape and size at a glance, select what I'm looking for with ease - the site works the way my mind does! It is totally intuitive and without a doubt the best real estate website I've ever seen.

I still love it just as much as I did 8 months ago when I first discovered it.

Chris V.

I would like to thank everyone who is involved with ViewPoint. It helped us greatly in our recent home purchase. I think you provide the very best services for very reasonable fees and I will always recommend ViewPoint to anyone who is even thinking of buying or selling.

Keith G.
Halifax, NS

I like the fact that I can get the sales history, and all angles on the map view.... makes for a lot less wasted times driving around looking at open houses. The amount of pictures helps a lot as well.

Jayne E.
Halifax, NS

Amazing! Definitely will be my first choice (over realtor.ca)!

Halifax, NS

I just wanted to pass on a thank you. With the speed at which you show the new listings I was able to purchase a home before most people knew it was even on the market. The home that I purchased came on ViewPoint before my real estate agent had even sent it to me thru their automated listing service!! Impressive.Thanks for providing such a great service to the people of NS.

Leigh and Janet
Halifax, NS

My husband and I registered with ViewPoint early last year when we put our house on the market. During the selling and buying process we logged into Viewpoint constantly. This allowed us to stay on top of the market movement. Viewpoint didn't replace our need for a professional realtor (Anne Butler - Century 21) nor would we have wanted it to. Viewpoint allowed us to feel that we had more control over the process and were therefore in a better position to work as an informed partner with our realtor. I love the improvements you continue to make to the site. Specifically, by adding the "listed today", "price change today" and "sold today" features, a seller can come to terms with the true market conditions (if they care to monitor it) without calling their realtor every day. We found this extremely helpful when trying to time our pricing and presence strategy in a changing market. We have referred many people to this site and hope they find it as useful as we did. I believe the real estate industry is changing the way it does business in response to consumer needs. Thanks for creating value with this tool to meet our needs — well done!

N. Collins.
Calgary, AB

This site is a one stop shop for internet research of real estate in Halifax. We were previously opening up many windows to get MLS®, Street View, property size and location of each house we were interested in. Now we can do it all from one site.

H. Baker.
Carbonear, NL

A very innovative and useful tool.

Nick D.
Bedford, NS

Easy to use and gets you where you want to fast.

L. Murphy.
Bedford, NS

Innovative blend of useful information presented in an easy-to-access manner. One of those "wish I'd thought of that" business ideas.

D. Hamilton
Bedford, NS

Excellent service, useful data to have when looking, buying or selling.

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